Saturday, February 18, 2012

Time frame notice: It NEVER ACTUALLY takes that long.

Thought it was about time I said this: The very lengthy time stated frames, which have always been padded, are never, ever accurate. I started doing this way back when we got a sudden, major jump in popularity several years ago, and at times, odd incidents excepted, the processing time due to order volume was often around 2-3 weeks back then. But in the past two years at least, I can't think of a single instance where an order actually was in the queue for more than fourteen business days, and those times were very rare. Our usual max time is 10-15 when it's extremely busy just after new releases. Average since 2010 has been 3-9 business days.

So, right now the current stated time frame is 20-28 business days. Business days exclude postal holidays, Sundays (and most Saturdays). We work all of those days, but the USPS doesn't. The actual time frame, meaning from the date your order is placed to the day it is shipped, right now is 2-5 business days. This morning the last few purchases from 2/14 were shipped, and only a handful from 2/15 & 2/16 remain. The actual queue time is never even close to the stated time.

"Why in the heck do you do this weird thing, man??"  Going back to paragraph 1, after seeing that people really liked getting their orders in less than the time they expected, I just kept doing it. Order volume steadily increased over the next few years, so of course we had much, much more to do. Sleep be damned, everyone here has been known to work nearly around the clock (slight exaggeration, but 12-16 hour days are common). Anyway, I just keep the time frame almost absurdly padded. Though one reason is in case anything "dire" happens such as an extended power outage, damaged containers, manufacturer component/ingredient delays, etc (once again, the store is never closed due to order volume). So if there is a delay by a couple days, the customer knows to expect it.  It says on the site, "Allow ___ business days queue and creation time before shipment", not "your order will be shipped after x amount of time". By the way, Monday is a USPS holiday, so next shipments will be on the 21st.

Thanks for reading my drivel, and we hope you're all having a pleasant weekend! The next time I post here it should include new shadow pictures at least.

I actually fear that if I post a realistic time like 6-8 days, people will flock to the site with, "homgz they're shipping fast now!" and all purchase at once, thereby causing an unforeseen sudden delay (magic powers only extend so far). I did that once, about three years ago. It happened just like that, too. Kind of screwed myself over with this approach. :p